Among the main advantages of this type of transport we list:
- competitive and stable costs - the prices are fixed for a period of at least 1 year
- transport capacities provided throughout the year, including Holidays and periods
of holiday
- predictability due to regular departures (2 / week), in each direction.


We have our own fleet of over 100 EURO 6 trucks, which we are constantly expanding, in proportion to the evolution of the client portfolio.


For fixed delivery deliveries and for urgent shipments, we provide our customers with a niche service. A combination of classic express courier, group transport and national day and night distribution. The goods do not park for more than a few tens of minutes in the cross docking points until the final destination.


Short, medium or long term storage, cross docking on own platforms, local, regional or national distribution, packaging services, labeling, co-packing, palletizing, deconsolidation and consolidation for storage or transport, stock management, re-stocking, destruction expired or dangerous goods - we can offer the full range of services that simplify your business or production processes.